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(Camera once again pans to Marie)

Marie: Hello, and welcome back to Big Bear! Last episode, Lucy won HoH and nominated Charlie and Nom Nom. This episode, we will see who will take the Power of Veto.

(Flashback to Day 4. The nomination ceremony has just ended.)

Nom Nom (DR): Very ticked at Lucy for nominating me, but it's the first week and someone has to take the blow.

(Transition to the HoH room. Lucy and Panda are talking.)

Lucy: If a nominee is taken off the block, who would be a pawn?

Panda: I would do it.

Lucy: There is no way I'm nominating you, and you know that. I'll go talk to Chloe, see what she thinks.

Lucy (DR): I'm not nominating Chloe or the Bears because I'm way too close with them. That means I'm either putting up Breadcrumb or Fire Bear to go up as a pawn.

(Transition to Lucy and Chloe talking in the bedroom.)

Chloe: I think your best bet is putting up Breadcrumb, because I feel like Fire Bear is too hot-headed to handle being a replacement pawn.

Lucy: You're right. I'll go talk to Breadcrumb.

(Transition to Lucy, Panda, and Breadcrumb in HoH room talking.)

Lucy: Panda and I think you're our best choice for a replacement pawn. Are you fine with that?

(Breadcrumb shrugs.)

(Later in the HoH room with Lucy and Panda...)

Panda: If Breadcrumb wins Veto, who will be the secondary pawn?

Lucy: As much as I want to put up Fire Bear, I think that would be too detrimental to our game if he survives, because he's going to target us if he survives the vote, so I think our best option is putting up Chloe. She would understand.

Panda: You're right. Good choice.

(All the houseguests are called to the backyard. Then, they are let back in and see a card on a table with bunches of slop. Lucy reads the card.)

Lucy: "Congratulations Lucy on your win as HoH. Now, to make an important decision. You have to pick four houseguests to be a Have Not. Have Nots have to sleep in uncomfortable bedroom and eat slop, and cannot eat normal food other houseguests eat. Everyone else is a Have. The Head of Household has automatic Have rights."

Lucy: Hmm, I'll pick...

Grizzly: I'll volunteer.

Ice: So does Ice Bear.

Lucy: Alright. Grizzly, Ice, and it wouldn't be fair to not make the nominees a Have Not.

(The official Have Nots are Grizzly, Ice, Nom Nom, and Charlie.)

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