Fire Bear

Red Panda






3' 5"


44 lbs

Hair Color

Red, black, and white

Eye Color


Professional Status
  • Former internet star
  • Travelling bear
Personal Status




Fire Bear is a red panda who is a former internet star. He currently travels across the USA, in search for a new job. He made his first appearance in the fanon episode "Fire and Ice".

He's known for have an extremely explosive temper, and he doesn't take to fondly to competition.

Appearances Edit

Fire Bear is, evidently, a red panda. His fur is mainly red. His arms, legs, and paws are all dark red and black, while his tail is striped, alternating between red and black. He has white patches on his eyes and muzzle, his ears also being white.

Fire and Ice Edit

He was hired by the Bears as a helper for birthday party entertainment.

Relationships Edit

Ice Bear Edit

Fire Bear and Ice Bear are quite opposite to each other in more ways than one. Ice Bear is big, Fire Bear is small. Ice Bear is quiet, Fire Bear is loud. Ice Bear is adept at nearly everything. Fire Bear? Not so much. Fire Bear doesn't like Ice Bear very much. With every encounter he makes, he tries to sabotage Ice Bear's good name to show the others who the true skilled bear really is.

Panda Bear Edit

Being a distant cousin of Panda, Fire Bear enjoys his company. He tries to do everything to hang out with him, not having very many friends himself. The two bears share quite a bit in common.

Nom Nom Edit

Their personalities can be easily comparable. Though they don't necessarily like each other, around Nom Nom, Fire Bear tries to act like the mature and all-knowing of the two, as he had been in business for quite longer than Nom Nom has. Nom Nom isn't aware of how long or how popular Fire Bear was in the internet sensation scene, but if he was, he'd be extremely jealous, just as Fire Bear is sometimes to him.

Trivia Edit

  • Fire Bear is the second fanon red panda, the first being Red Panda, an unrelated character, who belongs to the user Kaijumorti.