Gummy is a gummy bear that is in #Bearstack.

Gummy makes her first appearance in "Candy Store" (not created yet). She is debating with the candy store owner that selling gummy bears is animal cruelty. Ice bear then falls in love with her.

Appearance Edit

Gummy looks like ice bear, except multicolored with green being a prominent color. She wears glasses and a small bow tie.

Relationships Edit

Grizz Edit

Gummy is moderate friends with Grizz.

Panda Edit

Gummy has been shown to have known panda for a long time. She is his best friend since 1st grade.

Ice Bear Edit

Gummy has a moderate crush on Ice Bear, and vice versa. They both do a good job of hiding it.

Appearances Edit

Gummy appears in 2 episodes so far, plus a series.

Candy Store Edit

Gummy's first appearance. She is complaining to a candy store owner that selling gummy bears is Inhumane and animal cruelty.

The APML Edit

Gummy is part of the APML (Anti Pidgeon Mafia League) but suddenly goes missing. Ice Bear (a new recruit) Investigates and finds that she has been kidnapped by the Pidgeon mafia.