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Kodi Bear
Kodi Bear

Kodiak Bear



Hair Color

Brown, Gold

Eye Color


Personal Status

"The Fan"

Kodiak Bear​, more commonly known as Kodi, is a minor character who makes his first and only appearance in "The Fan".


Kodi is an anthropomorphic kodiak bear. He is covered in long brown and gold fur, especially around his neck. Kodi is the second-largest bear, larger than Grizzly and Panda but shorter than Ice Bear.


Kodi is a very timid character in public, almost always obeying orders​​ and keeping to a promise. However in private, he is very unstable and can show signs of stress and sleep depriviation. When he isn't stalking the Bears, he can be seen drawing or writing fanfictions about his own characters. Around friends, he can turn out to be very obnoxious and nosy, always talking without stop and he often sings his favorite songs, although he isn't very good at it.


The Bear BrothersEdit

Kodi seems to have a friendship with the Bears, although they don't reciprocate. Grizzly had formed a plan to keep Kodi away from the Cave once and for all, until he overheard and finally left them alone. In the aftermath, Grizzly brought him back and all four are now beginning to become friends.


  • While he excels in drawing, Kodi does not have a very good singing voice. He cannot hit high notes well without lowering his voice pitch.
  • He always walks standing up and with a slight bounce.
  • Like Panda, he owns a mobile device, yet it is a tablet instead.
  • Kodi lives in a small shed off the street, although he seems to be very comfortable in it.
  • Kodi has the longest fur of all the bears.
  • It is stated that he is from Alaska, however he has a slight Canadian accent.
    • This is a reference that kodiak bears are only found in Alaska.
    • He claims that he grew up on the borderline of Alaska and Canada, so he got his accent from hearing Canadians speak all the time around him. However, this was later proven false and that his Canadian accent is faked.
  • He owns an art website called Kodi's Doodle Kaboodle.


  • Brown bears, including kodiaks, are the second largest bear species.
  • Kodiaks are the only bears that are found exclusively in Alaska.
  • Like most bears, Kodiak bears are omnivorous. However, Kodi is only seen eating meat.

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