This is the list of rules for the We Bare Bears Fanon wiki.

General Content

  • No NSFW content AT ALL. Any episodes, transcripts, or characters containing NSFW content will be deleted and you WILL be punished. NSFW includes things like heavy cursing, gore, etc.
    • Ban Time: Dependent on the offense and circumstances. Minimal ban time is expected to be one day. Maximum can be permanent.
  • No Swearing. Minor swears such as "ass," "damn," "hell," and "bastard," (when not directed towards other users) are allowed, but major swears are not.
    • Ban Time: F-bomb is an immediate ban from chat. One day minimum. If the f bomb is used outside of chat, it is a month ban. Any other word will be given a warning first, then a kick, then ban. If any other cuss word is used outside of chat, it could be minimum 2 days to a week
  • No harassing other users. While friendly insults and jokes are okay if all users involved are fine with it, intentionally attempting to harass another user will result in a penalty.
    • Ban Time: A warning. If harassing user persists, it is a ban. Depending on how severe the harassing is, the warning step can be skipped entirely/the ban time can be extended.
  • No non-canon pages not related to We Bare Bears allowed. This means if you made a page that is not canon to ANY universe and is not related to We Bare Bears, it is not allowed.
    • Ban Time: No ban. All pages that break this rule will be deleted. If you are unsure, please consult other admins or an admin.
  • No sockpuppeting. Sockpuppeting is where you use a side account to avoid a ban on your main one.
    • Ban Time: Infinite for the side account, main account's ban will be enlengthened, if the main account is not banned, it will be
  • No unallowed bots. If the bot hasn't been greenlighted by admin+, it will be banned.
    • Ban Time: Infinite for the bot until further notice/the bot is needed, few days to a week ban for main user, depending on how severe the bot's actions were
  • No vandalising. It is completely unacceptable.
    • Ban Time: One week to month, depending on how severe the vandalism is. If vandalism persists, it will be to infinite.
  • No underage users. This is a wiki-wide rule.
    • Ban Time: Until you turn 13.

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