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Sick is a fanon episode of WBB.
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After Panda brings home a stray cat, it causes messes for the cave. First Ice Bear being sick to a cat attack.


The episode begins with the bears at a Nature Walk. Despite the fact the bear brothers are the only ones there. Ice Bear then gets tired and drops down, saying that he wants some water. While Grizzly gives Ice a cup of water, on a bridge with a river under the bears, Panda sees a black cat sitting below, drinking from the river. Panda then gasps with amazement and takes a picture at the cat. The cat then runs away at the sight of the flash. Panda then runs off the bridge and chases the cat. Grizzly and Ice Bear get shocked and try to get their brother back on the trail. The cat gets on a dead end, proceeding to turn until Panda snatches the cat in his paws. Panda begs his brothers to keep the feline, but Grizzly and Ice Bear disagree. Panda gets angry and will attack if the bears still declined. Grizzly says fine, and climbs up back on the low bridge. Then the camera zooms over to the bear's cave. Ice Bear is cooking dinner while Panda and Grizzly are sitting at the table. Panda is checking his phone for names for cats. Grizzly says the Stray Cat looks like a male. Panda agrees and goes back to his phone. Ice Bear places the food at the table. Grizzly eats it all and checks on Panda. Panda is hardly eating, which Grizzly questions. Panda then sees the cat trot up to him. Ice Bear fearfully backs up, and so does Grizzly. Panda smirks at his brothers and picks up the cat. He claims the cats name is Kitty. The bears say to release Kitty though, and the name is bad. Ice Bear then sneezes, which results Grizzly thinking Ice Bear is allergic.

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Ice Bear

Grizzly Bear

Panda Bear

Stray Cat

Stray Cat Family



  • Ice Bear is allergic to cats
  • The Stray Cat was born with the other Stray Cats, including alley cats, and isn't apart of their breed. 
  • Panda will confirm that cat's are his favorite animal, such as in the aired episode "Emergency", Panda asks Grizzly if the new pet is a cat, with excitement.