The APML is an episode of the series owned by "Teacup Terry" called The Sweetened Season.

In this episode, Gummy continuously leaves the cave randomly to the wonderment of Ice Bear. Ice Bear Eventually follows Gummy until she disappears inside a building. He tries to get in, but the door is locked. Later, he sees shadows of things flying and he eventually breaks into the building using a ninja star. He enters the building and sees...Pidgeons. Lots of them. He sees a patch on the ground that says "APML" and under it "Anti Pidgeon Mafia League". He fights them off using sweet ninja skills but the Alpha Pidgeon corners him without any ninja stars. Just as he's about to defeat Ice Bear, a cell phone rings and the Pidgeon looks away. Panda gives the thumbs up and Ice Bear punches him in the beak, knocking him out. Eventually they find Gummy bound and gagged in a closet in the building. Gummy reveals that the APML hired her to stop the evil-doings of the Pidgeon Mafia League. Later they go to the head building of the APML and acquire new gifts- A wallet decoration for Grizz, a Panda-shaped phone case for Panda and new shurikens for ice bear- plus a date with Gummy and Ice Bear. (Ship it like FedEx or perish.)

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