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    This is my very first fan art of We Bare Bears, with Grizz on the left, Ice Bear, my most favorite of the bears, in the middle, and Panda a.k.a. Pan-Pan on the right.

    My second drawing of the bears. These are copied from promo images, except I modified their eyes, making them white but I made their eyes smaller than they're seen on TV, I didn't want them looking suprised or astonished, I went with the Curious George kind of way, or as done on Arthur and on The Weekenders.

    This is pretty much the same picture as the previous one but I moved Grizz and Ice Bear more toward the right and put Pan Pan on the left, this picture looks to make more sense than the one before it because then it looks like Grizz and Ice Bear are watching Pan Pan.

    This dr…

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