(Episode starts with MLG Bear and the Pigeon Mafia in the park.)

MLG Bear: u got the goods?

Pigeon #1: ye

MLG Bear: gud

(Pigeon #2 opens the suitcase to reveal a gun. He takes the gun and shoots MLG Bear.)

Pigeon #2: get rekt m8

MLG Bear: not 2day

(MLG Bear blocks the bullet with his own gun. They are both held at gunpoint.)

MLG Bear: why are we doing this

Pigeon #1: lol idk

MLG Bear: yeah let's buy ice cream

Pigeon #2: mmkay

(They find an ice cream stand. It is Peridot.)

Peridot: hello sirs how may I rek you 2day

MLG Bear: *moonwalks* i'll take a fabulous #5

Peridot: mmkay, no pay tho

Pigeon #1: k


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